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Equity indexed annuities allow you to participate in stock market growth without being exposed to market declines. Would you like to keep your principle safe & earn reasonable rate of return?

Safe Money Alternatives

Safe money alternatives seem to be the future of retirement savings whether you are rolling over a 401k or moving money from a CD or money market account.

Economic uncertainty brings questions; How long will it take for the economy to recover? The stock market is at an all time high, will it crash? Therefore, protecting your money is now becoming the norm. But, you can also have growth while protecting your principle. Let’s take a look at how this is possible in this video.

Never Risk Your Principal – Earn a Reasonable Rate of Return – Keep It Simple

Our experienced annuity team is dedicated to helping you keep your money safe while offering a reasonable rate of return. In today’s financial uncertainty, it is still possible to offer growth & safety for your money.


CD & Retirement Alternatives

If you are close to retirement or retired and would like to see more growth on your money than your current financial investments are providing, an indexed annuity may be the solution. Wouldn’t you be better off growing your money instead of earning miniscule interest from CD’s, Savings or Money Market accounts? Learn more…

Safe 401k Rollover Alternative

Many people have a 401k from a previous employer and don’t know where or if they should roll it over. You can roll over your 401k into a qualified indexed annuity and still enjoy growth from the stock market. Not only will you enjoy growth, you can also lock-in any gains you make each year. Learn more…

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CBS & Michael Lewis: Is the U.S. Stock Market Rigged?

"Stock market's rigged. The United States stock market, the most iconic market in global capitalism is rigged." - Michael Lewis



401k Rollover Alternative | Preventing Loss Of Principle Upon Market Decline

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Safe Money With Equity Indexed Annuities

The past several years are proving to be challenging for investors for several reasons. As the economy struggles to gain its footing and the joblessness increases an uncertainty looms.

  • What will happen to my investments?
  • Will the stock market and/or economy correct itself?
  • If a crash occurs, will I still be able to retire?

Indexed annuities allow you to place your money into a product that keeps your principle 100% safe from market declines and at the same time allows you to participate in market gains which are based on a stock market index such as the S&P 500.

To learn more on how to preserve your principle with the ability to earn reasonable gains, get our FREE indexed annuity brochure for the details.

Our Clients Say it Best
  • I am absolutely pleased with my decision to transfer my 401k into two indexed annuities. Being retired and on a fixed income, uncertainty of the economy and stock market gave me pause. I couldn't afford to lose my savings and at the same time I was used to being invested in the stock market for growth. The annuities I placed my money into allow me to make money when the market increases and they lock in my profits each year. When the stock market declined, I didn't lose a penny of my principle or previous profits. It's amazing to watch the stocks each year knowing that either way, I win! In fact, I withdrew 10% of my profits last year to buy a new air conditioner.–Eugene S., Orlando

  • My husband and I purchased an indexed annuity after we retired and sold our home and moved to Florida. We couldn't be happier and we also withdrew money to put in new windows on our Florida home. Knowing that we can't lose our money if the stock market crashes helps us to worry less and enjoy our retirement more. –Joan F., Kissimmee